Special visit


On Thursday, October 12, we had three special visitors (four, really, with Tracey’s daughter) here at the farm.  Representatives of Climate Corporation arrived here to discuss their Fieldview information system and our experience with it.  They were accompanied by Chad Dow, area Climate specialist.  John met with them in the office for an extended period of time (I was able to join them later) to explain how we utilize Fieldview and how it benefits our farm.  We also had a chance to request how some modifications to their programming would improve our experience.  One designer, Tracey, led us through a proposed, experimental system of in-season nitrogen management.

Christina, Loan, and Tracey and her daughter. A good team.  Christina and Loan came from St. Louis, but Tracey was here from San Fransisco!

This was a good move on Climate’s part, to show up at the customer’s place and ask questions.  It was a relaxed and friendly visit, and it grew our confidence in Climate Corp.    It is reassuring  to know that when you make a call to Climate, the person on the other end knows who you are.  Also, it is good for these people who work in labs and offices to be out in the ‘real world’ to see how their handiwork fits the customer.   I think we built some good relationships that day.  Good information was gained on both sides.

Have a nice weekend.

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Clean up continues…

Thursday, October 19, 2017

What a glorious, beautiful October day!   78F and sunny!

This is the ‘after’ shot of the JD S680 combine as it left the wash pad. Looks like new!


Brandon works his magic on the CIH 8230 combine.

The two draper headers, a MacDon FD75 and a JD 640FD will be hitting the wash pad soon.  Most everything else has already been shined up.  It is so pleasant to be able to do these washing tasks on sunny and warm days.


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Soil Judging

On Saturday, October 14th, over 350 high school students from all across Indiana gathered here at Carnahan & Sons for the Indiana State Soil Judging Contest.  The team competition brought two waves of busloads of kids to evaluate soils.  In preparation for the event, the organizers from Purdue University dug 4 sets of elongated pits (about 5x20x4 feet deep) in which each student entered to examine the soil profile.  They classified them according to color, organic matter content, texture, tilth, slope of the site, and drainage capability.  Each soil would be rated on its load-bearing capacity, homesite or septic adaptability, and of course, crop producing potential.  The leaders, both local and from the Purdue W. Lafayette campus, were very good managers of the size of the crowds and the logistics of the competition.

Here are some pictures taken during the event.  One could not have asked for a better weather day for this to take place:  85F (29C) with clear, blue, sunny skies.  A perfect October day.

Teams arrived in buses

They were given their instructions and overview of the contest

The contestants walk down the hill to the pit sites

A student doing the actual ‘soil judging’.


Congratulations to the Rochester FFA Gold Team for your State Championship!

For a complete listing of the results, please click this link: 

After the event, a local contractor returned to the sites to place the excavated soil back into place.   By spring 2018, one would never know those spots have ever been disturbed.

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2018 crop wheat

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The fields that we planted to wheat are all up and growing now.  Sure looks nice as it turns a soft green.  We started planting wheat on September 25, and finished on October 2.  Even though we no longer have temperatures in the 80s, we are still experiencing high 70s, and no frost yet!

The growing wheat at the Ross farm.

The little wheat sprouts look somewhat fragile up close, but they’re pretty hardy.

Our cover crop strategy is to plant strips of a grassy crop (oats, this year) in the valleys of our hilly fields.  We believe this to have helped greatly to reduce water erosion in these fields.  We selected oats this year as an experiment because the oats will be terminated by the winter’s freeze, but have enough growth (hopefully) to do the protection.

You can see the strips of oats growing in these valleys, protecting them for the winter.

The clean-up of equipment continues, as well as beaucoup office work to plan for the year-end.

The JD S680 takes its turn on the wash pad.  It’s easier to wash because they first cleaned it with compressed air.

The cover crop drill is finished and ready to be washed and stored.

The little JD 1560 drill and MX 290 tractor wait for their turn on the wash pad.

Have a great rest of your week.



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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Yes, harvest at Carnahan & Sons is done!  We pulled through the last replanted corn at Huey on Saturday evening.  We worked our way through this crop in 5 weeks, a relatively short time, but not a record.  In 2016, we got done in 4 weeks!  We credit the very good and dry weather during late September and early October for our timely finish.  When we received a rain on Sunday morning, we were especially happy to be done.

Just before sunset on Saturday, the final hopper of corn is unloaded into the Demco 1350 grain cart.

Next fall, we won’t be done as early, because there will be double-crop soybeans after the wheat, and those won’t be ripe until late October.  Now we can turn our attention to the many post-harvest tasks.

The clean-up of the equipment has begun.  We will also bush hog around the perimeter of selected fields in order to clean up the appearance.

The clean of the combines and heads begins in the field with compressed air to clear away debris and dust.

The Demco 1350 grain cart is clean and now is stored away in the back corner of the shed.

The JD 9360R has completed its work with the grain cart and is now shined up and stored.

In this field along US 50, we mow down the weeds between the fence and the outside row of corn. This gives a better appearance, and allows more precise application by the sprayer on its next pass in the field.

Along IN Hwy 550 on the south edge of Wheatland.  Yes, that’s our church, Wheatland Christian, in the background. 


You can just begin to see the green of the emerging wheat crop, and the strips of cover crops, too.

We are grateful for this harvest, and the good weather to bring it in.

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Big rain

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

1.56″ (40mm).

Yes, it was a rainy morning, but the sun is back out in the late afternoon.  Not sure just how soon the corn fields will support the combines to re-start the harvest.

But the rain is welcome, to spur the growth of the wheat crop just planted, and the cover crop oats.  The morning gave me a small chance to run a bush hog around a couple fields, but soon the ground was too soft for even that.

The weather station in the farm office is pretty accurate. It shows the rainfall total there on the right.

When I got the 7130 bush hog tractor back in the shed, I had to wait several minutes for the rain to ease up to get to the pickup.

The water ran in streams across the farm lot in front of the shop.  In the field, the rain soaked right into the soil.

We will get back after it asap.


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Check a couple things off the list

Saturday, October 7, 2017

We finished with soybean harvest on Friday.  The wheat crop for 2018 is planted.  So, we have a couple tasks in the record books.  We began again in corn on Friday evening and ran Saturday, too, until a small rain took us out of the field.  The small rain was very welcome.  We are taking Sunday off to rest.

View from the combine on Saturday.

Here is the storm cloud rolling in on Saturday evening. Looks ominous, but had a light rain in it.

Beginning Monday, we hope to return to corn harvest, and planting cover crop strips.  There are a few fields where we would like to run the bush hog around the edge.  I’d like to run the disk over the area on Freddie where the July flood killed the soybeans.  So, we are beginning to make a list of post-harvest tasks.

Have a happy weekend!

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