#replant17 and #3plant17

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The good news is that the marathon of #replant17 and #3plant17 is now over!  John was able to complete that yesterday.  At long last, the flood waters at the Freddie farm had dried up, making it possible to do the remainder of the job.  And it wasn’t just the flooding, it was also pounding rains on some replanted fields–crust-makers that stop soybeans from emerging from the soil.  So, some acres required to be planted a third time- thus the hashtag #3plant17.  It was a record number of our soybean acres that needed replanted.

Now, the air drill is ready for clean-out and clean-up.  It’s been a long time since the new JD 1890-1910 air drill was hooked up to the JD 9330 tractor.  (Back in late March).  It’ll be great to get both machines back under roof.

Brandon has been delivering some 2016 corn to market.  A recent spike in the corn price made some sales favorable. We think it was the dry and hot weather across the vast corn belt (more than just the I-states) that pulled the corn price up.  Only a few loads of corn remain in our storage.

After having too much rain in May, we are now asking for a gentle rain to come soon!  No, we are not really that fickle, but this is just another firm reminder of just how dependent we are on the blessings of our Maker.



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Check another job off the list

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The early May flooding along White River caused a lot of damage and headaches.  It contributed a majority of the acres of soybeans that had to be replanted.  It also broke through (unexpectedly) our levee at the Nellie farm.   What a mess that created–scour erosion, sand deposits, and debris.   The levee repair is now complete.  Our contractor, Olan Worland, brought in 2 bulldozers and a track hoe.  Brandon spent the past several days operating one of those.  The neighboring farmers (it’s great to have good neighbors), the Debord brothers, brought in their dozer and track hoe to assist.  They are also greatly affected by the breach of this levee.  It took a about a week of work to clear away the sand deposits and build the relocated levee.

Three dozers make for a lot of pushing power

The freshly built levee looks good as it snakes around to tie back into the undamaged portion downstream

The progress was good, and the timing of the completion of the construction work coincided with the drying out of the adjoining fields.  Therefore, John was able to finish up the replant of the soybeans at the Nellie farm.   He also completed the replant today of the spots at the nearby Commer farm.   There are very few acres of #replant17 left to do, and John has plans to do that on Monday.  Hopefully, what is still wet today will be dry and ready that day.

After a very happy April, the planting (and replanting) season has turned into marathon…but that should soon come to a conclusion.

You know…a little rain would be welcome!   Funny how you can go from floods to quite dry in a just a few days…


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#replant17 is done (sort of)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yes, the soybean replanting is finished…except for the areas in 3 fields that still have water standing on them.  So, rather than say ‘done’, I guess we should say ‘caught up’.  It has been a good planting week.  The soil conditions have been quite nice in these fields along and near White River where the early-May flooding took place.  We are unsure how long it will take for the waters to fully recede, but we will be ready once that happens.  The estimate of muddy/water-covered acres remaining to plant would be 80.  So, it will not take me long, once the field conditions allow.

I’m breathing a sigh of relief because this spring has set a farm record (by far) for the number of acres of soybeans that required a replant.  May flooding from creeks and White River, plus crusting by driving downpours of rain, created a perfect storm of #replant17 for our soybean crop.

Here, you can see the mud/water in the slough at the Commer farm.

There’s a little moon-shaped water hole here are the Commer farm. We will return to plant it after it dries.

Away from the water and mud, you can see that the air drill raises some dust in these very good planting conditions.

Looking forward to seeing those soybeans emerge and turn the field green.

On another note, Ross finished up the replanting of corn on Tuesday.  He had just about 2 acres at the Huey farm that finally dried enough for him to get the corn replant all done.  There really wasn’t that much, less than 20 acres in total.


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White River, Post-flood replant

Tuesday evening, May 30, 2017


The planters were out in full force today.  All the neighbors were in sight across the White River flood plain fields.  There were 10 planters of all sizes (mostly big ones!) that I could see from where I was working today.   I was replanting soybeans at the Freddie farm, our largest field (and most distant).  309.99 acres, but there was a slough of water still diagonal across the middle of the field, so by the screen’s calculation, I planted 296 acres of that today.

Here is the slough of water across the Freddie farm. It runs at a diagonal to the planted rows. When I planted this field the first time near the end of April, it went a little faster, for there was no water to drive/plant around.

The soil conditions yesterday and today were quite good, with a dry surface, and healthy moisture at seeding depth.  It was one of those days when  you could ‘feel good’ about what you were doing.  I was also able to work most of the day yesterday in our fields near where US 50 crosses White River.  I had a goal yesterday to replant 80-90 acres, but ended the day with 195 done.   Those fields, as well as Freddie, will need to be revisited when the sloughs of water have drained away and dried up–maybe the 2nd or 3rd week of June.

The plan is to replant large patches of the Huey farm’s large, flat fields on Wednesday/Thursday.

Well, we are making progress, once again.


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Thursday, May 25, 2017

It feels a bit chilly out there today, but the rain has let up.  We had a gentle rain all day yesterday, extending into the night.  We learned from our Climate.com report this morning that we received up to 1.1″ (depending on location)  of rain yesterday.  Warmer temperatures are predicted to return tomorrow, with highs getting into the 80s by Sunday.  The slowly-developing young corn and soybeans will like that a lot better.

Have a good weekend.



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Caught up to the river

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This morning, I was able to do the replant at the Burke farm, where the heavy rains had drowned the soybeans.  At one time we thought we’d need to replant the entire farm location, but today had better news, for only 39.5 acres required the drill to put in more seed.  Ross also replanted corn in the bottoms of WASCoBs at the Harry farm.  He now only has couple acres to replant, and that will probably happen next week.  The remaining soybean fields for replant are the ones flooded by White River, and we hope that can begin next week also.  There will be some days’ work needed to replant those soybeans.

One step at a time…


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Yes and No

Monday May 22, 2017

When someone asks if we’re working in the fields, the answer today is “Yes and No.”  Yes, John is able to be spraying in the corn crop today, but no, we are not able to replant.  The fields that remain to be replanted are still too muddy.  I’ll check again Tuesday morning to see if enough drying has occurred at the Burke farm, but the other fields that were flooded by White River are several days off.

If John has a good, productive day today, he will be able to say the corn spraying is finished.

John is working at the Steen farm this morning… in the JD 4730 sprayer, putting down the second pass of  herbicide.

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