Rainy Days and Mondays….

Well, it was a wet, wet weekend.  Saturday morning I emptied my rain guage showing 1.7 inches of rain, and the rain continued, mostly on Sunday.  This morning, I dumped out 2.8 inches more that came Saturday evening and all day Sunday.  So, for the weekend we received 4.5 inches of rain (for those on metric system, that’s 115mm).  I would say the drought is officially over!  I prayed for rain for quite a while to help the later soybeans fill out, and now my prayers are for sunshine.

We did work just a bit in the corn field here on Saturday afternoon, but the rain drove us back to the shed in a few hours.  We are still pleased with the yields that are coming out of the fields, but we are experiencing a ‘rain delay’.  My estimate is now a Thursday return to harvest…

Check out our Youtube channel, casifarm, there’s a new video available there about delivery of corn to market.

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