Happy Things Today

August 13, 2012

Happy things today:

It’s raining; we were awakened by low rumblings of thunder and rain came this morning.  It’s our sister Sheila Hobson’s birthday!  And Ross and his family had a very successful weekend competing in the Quarter Horse show at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.

School opens tomorrow at South Knox, some kids are excited and some are not ( imagine that? ) about the return to classes.  The staff returned today to get started.  For this ‘organization day’, there were faculty and staff meetings and lunch was shared at noon.  During the lunch program, awards were given, as they are every organization day, to staff members for their years of service, at intervals of 5, 10, 15, and on up.   I was given my certificate recognizing 15 years of service on the school board.  Those years sure seem today to have gone by very quickly.  The ‘new school’ building, SK Elementary, has completed 13 years!  The kindergarteners who entered the building on its opening day in August 1999 graduated from the high school last May.  Boy, did that ever go fast!

Back here on the farm, we are looking forward to another week of preparation for harvest, but most of all to a new grand-baby who is due on Aug 19.  It could be any day now!  Here’s to a good week to all of you…


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