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Monday, March 31, 2014

Yes, March is definitely going out like a lamb.  Near 70F today. It’s a little windy, but that’s okay.   The soils are kind of wet from the recent rains that totaled 1.1 inches (28mm).

We got the water tender truck filled today with Roundup Weathermax and water.  It’s ready to support the work of the JD 4730 sprayer, which may spring into action tomorrow to spray the cover crop at Lett and Watjen farms.   John met with crop consultant Greg Anthis of CPS Wheatland to fashion a herbicide priority plan for the next few weeks.  As of now it appears we will spray the cover crops, then soybean acres pre-plant, then wheat herbicide, then corn herbicides.  Of course, the weather can alter this plan, but it’s good to have a course of action mapped out.

The JD 1910/1890 air drill was moved home this afternoon from its storage location at the Huey farm.  It had to have a flat tire repaired on the drill part of the machine before it could be moved.  But now it’s here at the main farm to be inspected, tested, and lubricated ahead of planting time.  It’s always a happy day to get the air drill here and fully ready.

The JD air drill arrived at home today.  This machine plants 60 10-inch (25 cm) rows with each pass.  That's 50 feet!  (12.8m)

The JD air drill arrived at home today. This machine plants 60 10-inch (25 cm) rows with each pass. That’s 50 feet! (15.2m).  The seed cart (yellow tanks between the tractor and drill) contains 350 bushels of seed, enough to plant 260 to 300 acres, depending on seed size and planting populations.

Ross has inspected some of the corn fields, and he thinks they may be able to apply some anhydrous ammonia (NH3) tomorrow afternoon.  Let’s hope it’s dry enough for that.

All in all, a happy Monday.


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