What is a planting prescription?

Since we’re planting double-crop soybeans (DCB), I thought I’d offer this previous post about planting by prescription

Carnahan & Sons, Inc.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Seems like the 3-day rain has finally ended, with a total of 3.3″ (89mm) received.  We can use this rain-delay time to review the planting prescriptions that we created.

What is a planting prescription?  It is a map of a field that shows the areas that are assigned to different populations for use during the planting operation.  Here at Carnahan & Sons, we use a soil survey map as the basis of our soybean planting prescriptions.  Each soil type has an inherent productivity capability.  We categorize each of our soils into one of three productivity classifications, but if you desired to be more specific, you could assign a particular population to each of the different soil types.  This classification is based on a study of the properties of each soil, plus our experience with each of them.  Each of our fields has from one to nine different soil…

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