That was a close one…

3 pm, Wednesday, December 23, 2015

We just went through a short tornado warning for Knox County.  The worst seems to have passed us by this time.  When the radio folks announce a tornado warning, I don’t want to disregard it…  we remember the destruction at Petersburg, Indiana many years ago.  So, we took to the basement to wait it out.  In about half an hour, the warning expired, and the worst seemed to be over.  We will have a big tree limb to cut up and dispose, but that seems to be the extent of the damage this afternoon.  Whew!

When one goes through a storm like this, you emerge to survey the aftermath;  we often only see what is missing, torn up, or damaged.  We typically forget to observe and appreciate what remains.  Today, we’re thankful for what remains!  We are healthy, and safe and we still have a home to protect us.

There was a half-inch of rain (12mm) that fell in about 5 minutes.  Many of the WASCoBs are filled… so happy they’re working as designed.

This WASCoB is draining out quickly today.

This WASCoB is draining out quickly today.

Earlier this afternoon, we briefly saw a beautiful rainbow.

Rainbows and tornado warnings... all on the same, warm SWIN December day...

Rainbows and tornado warnings… all on the same, warm SWIN December day…


Pat, Ben, and I went to Purdue to see the Boilermakers take on Vanderbilt last night.  The team started out a bit lethargic, and didn’t really kick into gear until midway of the 2nd half.  But once they got going, Mackey Arena became the loudest place in Indiana!!   It was an exciting comeback, and the sold-out crowd showed their appreciation in an intense way.  I enjoy being there for a basketball game.  I must admit to getting a little misty-eyed when I hear the crowd sing “Hail, Purdue”.   We had a great time, and the win was the icing on the cake.  Thanks, Boilermakers!

After the game, we were still in the Boilermaker spirit...

After the game, we were still in the Boilermaker spirit…

This is the first year since 1982 that our family will not all be together at home on Christmas.  Ben will be piloting an airplane that day, and Philip’s trip home will not coincide with Ben’s ability to be home.  We knew this day was coming, as we see our sons grow up, and enter their careers.  We are happy to be flexible, because we are pleased that they still choose to be back here with us sometime during Christmastime!   It just so happens that Philip will be able to meet up with Ben for a couple hours on Sunday in the Indy airport, as Philip departs for Portland, and Ben returns from his 5-day flight assignment.  A happy coincidence.

All of us at Carnahan & Sons send you our very best wishes for a very Merry Christmas!  In all your celebrations, please remember Jesus…




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