Getting Close

Friday March 2, 2018

Brandon has 3 loads of corn to deliver to GPC today.  Since deliveries are made by appointment, it will be no problem to get 3 loads in today.  He tells me he will be finished up with deliveries on Monday.  That will be the end of the 2017 corn crop at Carnahan & Sons.  It will feel good to be MT.  And it will signal the start of a big project:  the replacement of our first and original grain leg–erected in 1973.  We have been planning toward that project for many months.  We do have completion deadline:  Wheat harvest.  Should only take 4-5 weeks, but if experience is any indicator, there will be small parts of the project that will get completed just under the wire.

John and I are attending a class at Hutson’s (our JD dealer) to learn more about JD Operations Center.  We have been using JDs Apex desktop database for our production and field records for many years.  It seems that JD is moving away from that on-site kind of records system and toward this cloud-based system.  We will need to learn how to write prescriptions in this OpCtr, and it feels a bit urgent, in order to be ready for spring planting season.  We will discover the seed sizes of the soybeans soon, and then we can begin to write planting prescriptions for the soybean air drill.  It’s good that Hutson’s has an Greenstar IT  specialist at their store who can come and coach us through any difficulty.

White River flood crest should pass our farms near US 50 today.

After a couple rainy days, the sun is out again in SWIN.  Gonna be a great day.

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