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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Today, the shop work includes correcting the tire pressures on the JD 9520R tractor.  We found all manner of tire pressures among the 8 big tires… from 13 to 30 psi.  Now, John and Brandon are adjusting those to be uniform and according to the manufacturer’s specs.   So, not only should the tires wear more uniformly, but they will ride better, and they will pull the load for the tractor as they were designed to do.  We are told to adjust the pressure in each tire to 15 psi–both fronts and rears.

John works at correcting tire pressures on the 9520R.

On a tire that fat, it takes a few minutes to pump in an appropriate amount of air…


John wrapped up the installation of the N-ject control systems on the 9520R, making it ready for its first field work, the application of nitrogen with the JD 2510H applicator.   We are completing the upload of nitrogen prescriptions to the Gen 4 screen, and then the machine should be ‘all set’ to go to the fields.  It has been a bumpy ride to learn the quirks of the Gen 4 information system, but we have been diligent… and we’ve had some very helpful consultants from the dealer and John Deere Stellar Support.

We had snow flurries again last evening, just before dark.  It didn’t last long, but the big, fluffy flakes looked pretty nice.  The frost was heavy on the ground and on the roofs this morning.  By this afternoon, the brilliant sunshine concealed the chilly afternoon temperature of 42ºF (6C).   It looks nice out the window, but the wind makes it brisk when you go out.

Upon inspecting the 2018 wheat fields, we are pretty pleased with that crop’s progress.  The topdress nitrogen went down on that crop in early February, and now the wheat plants have a deep, rich, and healthy green color.   At the appropriate point in time, there will be a herbicide and a fungicide application made to the wheat fields.  Harvest will come about mid-June.   We will cooperate with a neighbor who will come in behind the combines to bale up the wheat straw.  Then, we will immediately plant no-till double-crop (DCB) soybeans in the wheat stubble.

Ross is thinking that if the weather warms a bit, and it stays dry, that we will begin pre-plant nitrogen applications (for 2018 corn) next week.

Look out!  #plant18 is almost here!

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