Almost here…

Friday, June 8, 2018


John has the soybean herbicide (first post) application complete.   The corn is ‘laid by.’  Therefore, today we turn our attention more fully to prepping for wheat harvest.  Ross has gone to sample some heads of wheat in the fields, and he is saying the combines will run on Monday or Tuesday.   Good news.  It certainly ‘feels like’ wheat harvest time in SWIN…. hot and humid.

The CIH 8230 combine has come into the shop to install special concaves for wheat, and to be serviced and lubricated ahead of wheat harvest.

We worked on the JD S680 outside, because we had already done most of the internal changes on Monday of this week. (When it was much cooler!)  It’s now ready for attaching the 640FD header and going to work!

Brandon has the trucks serviced and fully prepared.  The MacDon FD75 header and the JD 640FD are serviced and ready.  All that remains is to hook up the Demco grain cart to the JD 9360R tractor.

Also today, the guys from Montgomery Welding completed installing the staff for the USA flag that we display at the top of our new grain leg.  A storm tore down the flag’s staff  last fall, and we did not have one displayed up high..until today.  John is preparing the nighttime illumination for ‘Old Glory’.

The USA flag flies proudly high above Carnahan & Sons once again!

So, lookout wheat!  We’re comin’ to get you next week!   Should take 3-4 days.

Have a pleasant weekend, everyone.

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