Sunny and windy

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Yes, it is sunny and windy out there today, and it is drying the soils out nicely.  But still the machines are parked.  We wait for (not perfect but) better conditions to begin field operations.  All the tractors are ready.  John is out now loading the water tender truck with soybean herbicides so that when it is possible, we will have what we need on hand.  The ammonia applicators are hitched and ready to run.  C’mon sunshine!

We discovered recently that we need a special upgrade to our new corn planter in order for it to communicate properly with our Fieldview information system.  Some wiring will need to be done on the tractor and planter, along with another software update… all quite do-able, but we need to get our hands on the parts.  The word ‘back-order” has been used, and that is quite concerning!  This special upgrade is crucial to our planned comparison testing of prescriptions vs flat-rate corn planting.   Well, we can only play the cards that are dealt to us, so we will adapt, and work on the upgrade whenever it arrives.

Rain is predicted for Thursday.  Hmm…


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