A little trip out west.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pat and I took a few days to go out to Oregon to visit some of the places where Philip lived, and to visit some of the people his life touched out there.  We saw some beautiful places, and enjoyed the company of some of his friends.  It was great to hear the stories– some new, some we re-lived.   It was bittersweet.  Emotions ran high at times.  And we returned home Tuesday night utterly spent.  But it was a needed and special time out there.

Some Oregon pictures

At Autzen Stadium, University of Oregon, Eugene.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach

St. John Bridge, NW Portland

Dining with some of Philip’s friends at McMenamins Blue Moon, Portland

Famous Multnomah Falls

Peninsula Park Rose Garden, NE Portland



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1 Response to A little trip out west.

  1. Pat C. says:

    Thanks for posting the beautiful places we visited. It was a special time with special people, remembering a special man. 💙🙏😇

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